Saturday, December 18, 2010

Clearly I'm not a blogger!

I decided to visit my blog today. As I seem to only manage to post once every year, clearly I'm not a blogger (my lost post was February 2009). I'm much better at Facebook. I guess it's because it appears to me that blogging takes more thought and planned writing--on Facebook I just do a lot of jaw jacking. I'm coming to realization that while blogging takes more time, I can still use it to do a lot of jaw jacking--isn't that what most bloggers do? Besides, using my blog, I'll have more space for more jaw jacking!

I'm going to give this thing another try. Let's see if I can post at least once a week--as opposed to once a year! In my next post--shooting for tomorrow, but I make no promises--I'll do some jaw jacking on why I remain a strong supporter of the surrender of the MCS charter!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ms. Hart
Thank you for encouraging others to make a decision that was necessary. I am certain that your position on relinquishing the charter was objective. You have my prayers and support.
Stanley Gates
Circle of Faith Christian Church